Why Teens should try JiuJitsu!

Why Teens Should Try Jiu Jitsu

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Inspires Endless Benefits Within Your Child

Looking to sign your teen up for something that will only bring benefits to their life? Worried that your son or daughter may be going down the wrong path? SIMS Martial Arts Academy can and WILL help! Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program for Teens has been the answer to so many problems; negative attitudes, poor problem solving skills, risky behaviors, being bullied or bullying, struggles with body image, giving in to peer pressure, trouble with confidence and SO much more. Seeking for ways to overcome the overwhelming pressures of being a teenager, some turn towards dangerous activities when there is a perfect outlet right in front of them; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Each teen is unique and needs to find his or her own way in this world. Along the way, you as parents have some control over what their influences are. Sign your teenage son or daughter up for Gracie Barra BJJ at Legends Training Centre and watch as endless benefits come to life within your child. Their first week is completely free as well as obligation-free, so, no stress!

Challenging Them Both Physically & Mentally!

Something our children are having issues with is obesity at a young age. With all of the technology in the world be it video games, iPhones, TV, computers, tablets, etc., it’s easy for kids to sit inside all day doing nothing. Clearly, this is directly hurting their physical well-being. For anyone that has ever trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the first thing they notice is the physical demand the sport has to offer. BJJ isn’t your typical workout; it forces you to use muscle groups that you never even knew existed!

Having a fun challenge such as BJJ is only going to help teenagers get where they want to be, and get them in peak physical condition. Not only will it challenge your teen to be more physically disciplined, but the mental approach is something that few sports other than BJJ can offer to teens. In a team sport, if your child is having a rough game, they can coast through it and let their teammates take over. In BJJ, their efforts are all that they can rely on, leaving them with a greater sense of responsibility and accountability for their actions. This self-reliance will push them to train harder because they’ll feel motivated to continuously improve themselves. Meanwhile, by default, their bodies are growing stronger and getting in to impeccable shape. With their stronger bodies and a confident mind-set, they will know that they can handle themselves in a physical altercation if it were to present itself, no matter their size, and this is by far one of the most valuable tools you can hope for your child to obtain.

Moreover, in BJJ, the success falls directly onto the individual. Your teen will gain a greater sense of what he or she is doing right and wrong, which helps to optimize problem solving skills. Not only does this force them to focus on the task at hand, but it also gives them the satisfaction of knowing they achieved something based on their focus and dedication. In turn, this will keep them pushing for greater results while feeling proud of how far they’ve already come.

Developing Instant Self Confidence On & Off the Mats

On the daily, kids face bullying in school and often don’t know how to cope with it. As a result of this, their self-esteem takes a big hit. Some teens become overly defensive and try to succeed at becoming a bully to target other kids before they become targets themselves. Either way, these problems can be dealt with within our facility. We’ve seen kids from both sides; the bullies and the bullied. BJJ offers teens practical self-defense tools which also act as a sense of confidence and self-esteem. Results are obtained quickly and stick with your children for life, making this sport a perfect investment for a brighter future.

Furthermore, in such a high-pressured world, it’s easy for teenagers to get lost in the shuffle and not know where they stand. Pressure from school, friends, significant others and family can mount on them, leaving them lost and feeling alone. On the other hand, teens feel a great sense of togetherness with their peers as they work towards the same goals, encourage and motivate each other to always push their hardest within the sport, and have each other to lean on as they are faced with the same challenges within BJJ. This hobby will give them something positive to look forward to, and that’s exactly the kind of relief teens need as they are pushed and pulled in so many different directions in their lives.

Overall, the training your teen will experience on the mats will only cement their sense of self and help raise their confidence with every day that passes. Why not give this program that has proven time and time again to improve the quality of so many teen lives a try? Reserve your spot today and you’ll be welcomed to our team with open arms.

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