Jiu-Jitsu 101

Jiu-Jitsu 101 - Master the Basics. Repetitively

The Key to Success with Jiu-Jitsu is Dedication. But how do you know if you want to dedicate yourself and time to this Life Changing Martial Art? 

Our 4 month program gives students a chance to Give Jiu-Jitsu the ol college try so to speak. Jiu-Jitsu 101 gives you the wings needed to navigate this Art and to begin Playing the game and "Rolling" live. The 101 Course will get you ready to take a bigger committed leap in training where you will naturally see more of the benefits. The more you give of yourself in training, the more jiu-jitsu gives you. 

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Our 4 Month Intensive Jiu-Jitsu 101 Course is designed to give novice students, hobbyists, or just those intrigued by the art,  a supportive and positive training experience. The course will give you a foundation to achieve your self-defense goals. You will learn the fundamentals to the ever evolving art of jiujitsu focused around basic self-defense, awareness, and much more.

This 4 month course is broken down into 4 monthly sections. The curriculum is ever evolving and designed to give students a solid skill set within an intensive 4 month training time frame and at the same time be a course for the Avid student to maintain solid jiujitsu fundamentals.

Feel like you are getting serious about this stuff? Want more information ? Sign up for a FREE Online Membership and get access to our New Student area with more detailed class information, member pricing, student conduct guidelines, and more. Its a solid soft step in the right direction to begin learning more about this art and our community. 

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