Sub-Spectrum Pro Event 8/6/2022

Sub-Spectrum Pro Event 8/6/2022

Our boys Caelon Heaster and Dalton Flibotte came hungry as their matches. well that's another story altogether. The first pro match of the night got put on hold due to disorganization by officials. You could see Caelon Heaster gnawing at the cage to say the least. diving right in. once he was let out of said cage. escaping what seemed to be an attempt at a guillotine by his opponent. rolling out of it much like a fish out of water fighting to live, for mere moments. before the guillotine was broken in the struggle. a leg lock and under hook were made. the struggle continued minutes counted down slowly. his opponent stubborn and unrulily. Yet Caelon Heaster did not yield. as both competitors fell beyond the boundaries of the mat. re-centered on the mat with much confusion from both the audience and the ref. within seconds the match was on again. Caelon Heaster griping on his opponents head tightly. fighting a hand from interfering. only seconds to spare. leg lock in place. gibble grip established. his opponent wiggling free from the leg lock and gibble grip. to be put in his guard. where both competitors ran out of time. overtime ensued. swaying and dancing with his opponent. he leaps for a fake out and holds on for a ride. as his opponent throws him to the ground and the scramble begins. another guillotine attempt forced onto Caelon Heaster neck. turtling up as his opponent spinned for an opening on top of his back with no success. the match is done. 2 to 0 opponent may have won. but he didn't get the tap.

Round two of matches for the night as Dalton Flibotte set foot on the mat ready. as for his opponent. well let's say he had to meditate on it. as when the match started his opponent sat down almost immediately. we all wish I was joking. Dalton Flibotte was not completely fazed by this. grasping at the legs first. nothing. he pushes forward rolling on top of his opponent. still nothing. frustrated like a lion being tease by a baboon in a tree he paces for a second. before striking again. both of them trying to get something with no progress. making it look like that baboon was suffering from an parasite chasing  Dalton Flibotte around the mat. while also trying to play patty cake as they fought off each others hands. this was looking more like a farce then a fight. but I digress. after a number of tries. Dalton Flibotte found himself sitting across from his opponent. which we all could be guessing what he was thinking. we were thinking it too. their was brief laugher before they continued. after being re-centered by the ref. told to stand by the ref. the opponent stood for mere seconds before sitting right back down. fighting of hands followed by Dalton Flibotte rushing for anything he could get almost falling off the mat with his opponent. getting a bit bloody in the process. pause was made to asset the damage. wiping his hand off and ready to go at it again. fighting for a grip with his hands continued. his knee grasped by the opponent. he grasped the back of the neck and head. hoping to get something they both slip out of each others grasp.  Dalton Flibotte back on his feet staring down at his opponent. more fighting of hands before throwing of the opponents feet in the air with a pounce. finally some jiu-jitsu was made. arms in an over hook. opponent in guard. now we are getting serious. holding a New York  against his opponent. tying his feet behind his opponents back. going through his rubber guard play book in his head. falling into guard again. climbing of feet back to a brief New York once again. as they both find there footing. Dalton Flibotte pushes his opponent off the matt. Re-center once more the opponent asked by ref to stand. match ensues. opponent keeps to his feet. dancing now both of them. hand on a his head as the opponent tries to sit but changes his mind for a spilt second and commits to it. pushed the opponent off the mat by advancement. Re-centered by the ref for the last time. seconds left on the clock. No one caring how they start. grasping for anything rolling and pivoting for something. the clock ran out. opponent won by 0 to 2. still no tap in sight.

Round 3 of the night and Caelon Heaster 2nd match. circling the ring and squaring off with his opponent. Nibley jumping before diving at the feet. being put into what I can only imagine was a head lock of some kind. opponent pivoting to take his back. struggling to get his hooks in to hold Caelon Heaster back. turtling up fighting off his opponents hands off. rolling off his back the opponent fell to their side. holding on for dear life. as  Caelon Heaster grasped his opponents head with both hands and pryed him off slowly to be put into a half guard top to a half guard bottom. Rolling out of his opponents advancement to a denied arm bar. Both tumbling while Caelon Heaster  protected his head from a triangle. not one but two right after the other. as he grasped onto his opponent's leg. losing the leg and rolling over the leg. getting his arm trapped by his opponent. Caelon Heaster trading his arm for stapling his opponents leg. escaping the staple his oppenent twist upside down shrimping out. taking a step back Caelon Heaster sizes up his adversary. but in a panic the opponent grabs his leg. working the hands off his leg. getting rolled into a brief side guard. trying leveraging his opponent into the air from half guard and avoiding having his back taken. grasping for the left leg pivoting and sliding into a 50/50. his opponent scrambling to find some thing. As Caelon Heaster starts cranking at the ankle and foot of his opponent. becoming a game of who will tap first as they both start attacking each others legs. escaping and reinserting the leglocks over and over again. for a solid 2 minutes. being pushed onto his back Caelon Heaster grasps and holds his opponents head. as he placed in another half guard briefly. pushing himself up and letting the head go. peeling the guy off his back before pouncing down on him. 40 seconds on the clock and ticking down. left hand on the opponents head and right hand on his opponents side. trying to get on his opponents back from the front. rolling and tumbling not letting go of that head grasp. standing over his opponent. 30 seconds on the clock. both of them attacking each others legs once again. pivoting, turning and shrimping. as Caelon Heaster trys to take the back. opponent falls to his side. one hook is achieved. second one almost there. the match has ran out of time. 3 to 2 the opponent wins. by the wrong name at first. Still wins. but has anyone seen a tap yet.

4th round of the night and Dalton Flibotte 2nd match. the last match for our guys. the match starts and his opponent try's to grasp both hand and slides into a sitting position. the opponent chases Dalton Flibotte as he evades the  advances but not the leg grab. being rolled almost off the mat. both of them tangled mesh of limbs. this is where. BJJ becomes a inches game. rocking as they both struggle for something on the other. As Dalton Flibotte had his opponent right leg trapped between his right leg and grasping it in his right arm. his opponent holding his lower leg. trading the leg for grasping opponents left arm briefly. pausing and looking back. Dalton Flibotte get flipped and pivoted into his opponents guard. a scramble ensues both fighting for anything they can get.  Dalton Flibotte gains a loose side guard not yet secure. the opponent wiggles and shrimp's out of it attempting a head triangle. Dalton Flibotte turtle up as his opponent tried to work his arm out while upside down. trapping his opponents left leg in the process.  losing the leg shortly gaining it. the opponent fork flipping him over with his legs like a pancake into a arm bar. Dalton Flibotte twisted, rolled and flipped trying everything he could think to do. before taping to his opponent. that was the match win by submission.

At this point I would like to explain how impressed I am with both Dalton Flibotte & Caelon Heaster on their matches of the night. for only one match of the night was won by tap. we should be proud about that. We're all are more about the submissions as a group in the first place. because points don't matter when joe schmoe gets to big for his ego. yet I think if we keep joining competitions that are point based. we should most likely figure out the points system in a weeks advance and plan accordingly. just food for thought.

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