Jiujitsu 101 Crash Course July 24th - Noon - 3pm

Jiujitsu 101 Crash Course July 24th - Noon - 3pm

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Jiujitsu 101 Crash Course! Come join us as we dive deep into the updated curriculum for jiujitsu 101.

This is a beginners course. 3 hours of intensive training. Including basic movements, drills, and techniques.

For instructors we'll be reviewing the new updated format. All instructors and those looking to instruct should make this a priority.

Cost is only $40 for 3 hours. Course is taught by Black Belt Derek Stewart at 10th Planet Auburn. 1916 O Street, Auburn NE 68305

No Experience is needed. This is a Crash Course, so please expect fast moving instruction. Course curriculum hand outs will be made available to all participants. You can register at www.simsdojo.com