Adult Uniforms Policy:


T-Shirt Policy:

Rash guards are always recommended or loose fitting mesh tops over t-shirts. In the event you must wear a t-shirt an official 10th Planet t-shirt or SIMS Martial Arts Academy t-shirt must be worn.


Rash Guard Policy:

Colored rash guards may signify belt rank. For instance Blue Belts wear Blue colored rash guards, Purple Belts wear Purple themed rash guards. These are considered ranked rash guards. Students who are not wearing official ranked rash guards or 10th Planet rash guards must wear a solid colored rash guard colored in their belt color. For instance: I want to wear a loose fitting mesh top and I am a white belt. The mesh top will be colored white or gray as the closest in color. This is in order to show respect to those who have achieved their very due and hard earned belts.


Pants/Shorts Policy:

Gi pants

Fight shorts without any zippers or pockets

Mouth guards, head gear, and cups are optional.


Youth Students:

May 1st - Aug 31st: No-Gi Attire: Ranked Rash Guard, Fight-shorts/Gi Pants

Sept 1- April 30th: Gi Attire: Full Uniform and belt. School shirt or rash guard underneath.

Mouth guards, head gear, and cups are optional.



Our academy is proudly a 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu school! Represent your team to the fullest and learn more about our incredible world wide team. Go to www.10thplanetjj.com for more info about the system. You can find cool 10th Planet gear, interact with the worldwide 10th planet community, and more.

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