How to Get Started Training - For New Students

How to Get Started Training - For New Students

Jiu-Jitsu will change you life! If you give it a chance. Let me help you get started on the right foot so you have the best chance at success with the art. 

New Member and Visitor Guidelines: (Must be reviewed before 1st class)

If you haven't become a member yet, please review the following steps below to get started! If you are a member then its time to hit the mats! Get to class 💪🏼

Step 1: Please Schedule a Visit to the Academy. 

A face to face visit is the first step to really committing to trying a class out. Once you've stepped foot into the dojo, watched a class, chatted with our staff, the decision and level of commitment will come to you faster with less waste of potential training time.

Once you start training, you will feel a sense of catching up so to speak. You will not want to waste mat time. Show up! just to watch or just to chat. Everyone comes through the doors for different reasons and in search of something personal and with the intent to better ourselves in one way or another. Lets Talk. 

You have nothing to lose by visiting and only more to gain. Our academy prides itself on being a positive family oriented academy that supports and nurtures the community within its walls. 

Step 2: Try A Class!

We have beginner specific classes designed specifically for new jiu-jitsu students. Our academy teaches some of the most cutting edge and revolutionary jiu-jitsu techniques and strategies of the day in our Advanced and All Skill levels classes. In order for students to participate in those classes they must first get caught up to date with our curriculum in our beginner and foundation classes. 

Step 3: Decide - Commit - Succeed

Once you've tried class, its up to you to decide if this is something you want to commit to? That decision is a committed decision based on self-discipline. You are coming into Jiu-jitsu training understanding that it will take time to develop the needed skills to "Play the Game" so to speak. Depending on your level of commitment it may take you a bit longer than normal to Learn to The Game.The secret is simply TRAIN! Commit to training and watch the uncertainty dissolve.  

For our new members we have a very clear and cut 4 - 6 month long Intro to Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense Program. This Jiu-Jitsu 101 course is the perfect starting point for those on the fence looking for Point A. 

Jiu-Jitsu can feel like the most difficult martial art in the world to learn, It just requires TIME, Patience, and True Commitment. As with anything great in life you must truly give time for your jiu-jitsu to develop. Learning this Art is like learning any other art. You wouldn't stop drawing or painting just because you started out terrible :-) you also wouldn't expect to be any good by only drawing once or twice a month. Dedication and consistency will bring you the incredible results we all desire. 

Step 4: The Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle

Passion and Love for the art become the fuel for us to stay disciplined on our never ending quest to master Jiu-Jitsu.

As in relation to any true Art, there is no ending point. There is only a constant pursuit. This constant pursuit naturally changes our lifestyles for the better. 

If you eat like crap, Jiu-jitsu will show you that the food you eat directly impacts your performance and recovery. If you are not taking in enough water, jiu-jitsu will remind you with cramped muscles! You will find out if you become more flexible jiu-jitsu become easier! so you begin to stretch more which allows for faster recovery and longer life in your body. 

The lifestyle naturally happens as the love for the art develops and our Desire to be part of the Arts growth occurs. 

Step 5: Give back! 

When you have learned how to Play the Game, when you've made new amazing friends who come from all walks of life, but share the same love for the art as you, and when you've begun to feel and exhibit the effects of committing to Jiu-Jitsu. Its then time to help those around you who began the same way you did! 

The confidence gained from the hours of repetition in the movements you've spend countless hours studying over time will now present themselves to you naturally in Live Resistance Sparring against skilled opponents in a way that would have seemed impossible your first day. Giving back in a form of an understanding and helpful teammate on the mat will be one of the best feelings ever! 

I hope this helps you as you start your jiu-jitsu journey. For that is exactly what it is. A Journey that requires dedication and time. 

If you have additional questions please Contact Us and we will help. 

Take some time and review our Online Members Area thoroughly as we will be updating it regularly. 


Derek Stewart

Owner - SIMS Dojo & 10th Planet Omaha





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